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General-Oxo S.A. was born in the market of PVC, Chlorine, Plasticizers, and Polyolefins.

After consolidating its position on the market, with just in time logistics, storages in bonded warehouses and buffer stocks, it has begun expanding its portfolio in different sectors.

You can find an overview of the products we can offer.

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Poly Vinyl Chloride / CAS No. 9002-86-2
S-PVC : K 58, 60, 65, 67, 68, 70, 75, 80
Speciality PVC: E-PVC Mass PVC & C-PVC
Polypropylene / CAS No. 9003-07-0
PP Homopolymer
PP Copolymer
Polystyrene / CAS No. 9003-53-6

Read More We started our history as PVC producer, in the late ‘70s. Production has since then been shut down, but it left us a precious technical heritage and market knowledge that still helps every day our customers. General-Oxo SA has a strong position in the market of polymers serving European countries, as well as exporting overseas.

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DOTP: Dioctyl-Terephthalate / CAS No. 6422-86-2
DINP: Di-Iso-nonyl-Phthalate / CAS No. 28553-12-0
DPHP: Bis-(2-propylheptyl)-Phthalate / CAS No. 5330-65-4
DOP: Bis-(2-ethylhexyl)-Phthalate / CAS No. 117-81-7
DOA: bis-(2-ethylhexyl)-Adipate / CAS No. 103-23-1
TOTM & TOTM Additivated: Tris-(2-ethylhexyl)-Trimillitate / CAS No. 3319-31-1
ESBO: Epoxidized Soybean Oil / CAS No. 8013-07-8
CPW: Chlorinated Paraffins / CAS No. 85535-84-8
DIUP, Linear Plasticizers & Bio-Based plasticizers

Read More Plasticizers are one of our core businesses. Started as producers in late ‘70s, we then turned to be traders operating globally in all 5 continents. We are a major player on european market, where we introduced in 2010 the future of plasticizers: DOTP. This non-phthalate plasticizer - with food grade and toy manufacturing certificates - has ever since replaced DOP on European market, and it’s slowly replacing DINP in many applications. Also very active in the Medical Sector with specific products which fulfill all EU & USA regulations. General purpose: DOTP, DINP, DPHP. Speciality plasticizers: DIUP, DOA, TOTM, Linear Plasticizers, Bio-Based plasticizers. Co-plasticizers: ESBO, CPW

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2-EH: 2-Ethyl-hexanol / CAS No. 104-76-7
IBA: Iso-Butanol/ CAS No. 78-83-1
NBA: Normal Butanol / CAS No. 85535-84-8
IPA: Isopropyl alcohol / CAS No. 67-63-0

Read More We have always worked with alcohols as we used to buy them as raw material for our production. We are now established primarily on the European market and we do also export on Spot basis in Asia and other regions. Oxo-alcohols are mainly used for the production of plasticizers or used as solvents in the paint and varnish industry as well as in the production of Acrylates. Isopropyl Alcohol is used in the manufacture of a wide variety of industrial and household chemicals and is a common ingredient in chemicals such as antiseptics, disinfectants, and detergents. We can also offer SBO (Soybean Oil refined) for the production of ESBO (Epoxidized Soybean Oil)

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Chlorine: Cl2 / CAS No. 78-93-3
PA: Phthalic Anhydride / CAS No. 85-44-9
MA: Maleic Anhydride / CAS No. 108-31-6
PTA: Purifed Terephthalic Acid / CAS No. 100-21-0
BPA: Bisfenol-A / CAS No. 80-05-7
MEK: Methyl Ethyl Ketone / CAS No. 78-93-3
Additives: Zinc Borate, Antimony Trioxide,
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Read More General-Oxo S.A. manage a wide portfolio of chemicals. From raw materials, such as Chlorine, where we supply in rail tank cars European producers of Isocyanates, PVC and Epichlorohydrin. We also are active in the resin markets MA, PA and PTA as well as some additives for PVC mainly.

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Households & Health Care

Sodium Percarbonate
Sodium Percarbonate Coated (SPC)
TAED White and Extra White, Blue and Green colors
Alkyl Glycoside: SERIES 100, SERIES 200, SERIES 300, SERIES 400
Fatty Alcohols
Ethoxylate Alcohols

Read More We are very active in the detergency sector with Sodium Percarbonate Coated and TAED supplying from the famous brands to the little producers. We are distributing Alkyl Glycoside, on Italian market and has never stopped raising its market share with this innovative and green surfactant. Today we offer a wide range of grades, as well as tailor made products and ready made mixtures for the world of home & personal care. All material has REACH registration for above thousand tons per year. Alkyl Glycoside is a non ionic surfactant derived from corn and natural oils. It is compatible with anionic, non-ionic and most cationic systems and has characteristics as both anionic and non-ionic surfactants. It provides excellent detergency, good dispersing and wetting properties. Applications for Home Care Laundry detergent, Liquid dishwashing detergents & cleaners, Applications for Personal Care, Hair shampoo, Hair rinse, Body Cleanser, Facial Cleanser Perfume solubilizer, Baby products.

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Silicones & Rubbers

Natural rubber:
CV60, SRV 3L, SVR 10
Synthetic Rubber:
Silicone Fluids, Silicone Oils,
Organofunctional Silanes,
Silicon Rubber and Resins

Read More We started the distribution of Rubbers since the early stage, integrating our portfolio with Natural Rubber from 2011. Our Natural Rubber is of the highest quality and comes from trusted plantations in Viet Nam. Synthetic Rubber is mainly sourced from Far East Asia. We started the distribution of a complete range of silicone products, partnering with a major company of this field. Thanks to their versatility, silicones can be found in a broad spectrum of technical applications: from sealants, adhesives, lubricants to the Medical Industry, from Personal Care to Textiles, and in the Toy and Food Industry as well. Producer’s R&D department are ready to support us with custom made request.

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