Facilities & Logistics


In times when the business environment is affected by geopolitical and economic uncertainties, coupled with high price volatility, having dependable logistics & storage capacity become a key success factor.


We assist our clients in taking care of land transports in Europe, which is covered with Long Term Contracts with different fleets of Trucks, Silo & Cistern Trucks at our disposal. This allows us to successfully reach our goal of an efficient and reliable Just In Time Logistic and enhance our clients’ lean supply chain. All our partners have ISO9001 and SQAS Transport and cleaning and most of them have ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001

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In order to help our clients boost their profitability and seize upon upstream market opportunity, we also offer the possibility to have buffer stock for imported material as well as consignment stocks for European and imported goods.

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We couple with overseas markets with major operators of Sea-Bulk Containers, Flexi and Iso tank as well as bulk shipments in deep-sea tanker. All this guarantees dependable timing. We enable each of our clients to program safely and successfully their stocks.

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We invested in storage assets across our main markets. At our disposal are: bonded warehouses, silos for dry goods and, finally, bulk tankers on Ravenna harbor to serve specially the Italian, French and Eastern European market with prompt logistics for imported and European goods. All our tankers are certified OHSAS 18001:2007

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Facilities, Storages and Loading points